The Moshe Aviv Tower

Ramat Gan’s Moshe Aviv Tower is the tallest tower in Israel, and combines luxurious housing and commerce. The 69-story tower rises to a height of 235 meters (771 feet) and is one of the world’s tallest concrete towers.

The tower commands a breathtaking panoramic view. The Moshe Aviv Tower is one of Israel’s tallest and most impressive architectural creations. The futuristic and exclusive look was achieved by the use of reflective glass, granite stone, and aluminum.

Office floors

  • Offices of the best of Israel’s leading companies. From the 5th to 54th floors.
  • The tower has 3 entrances and exits. The entrance to the office floors passes through a separate, magnificent lobby, and the various floors are served by designated elevators, the fastest in Israel, that travel at a speed of 7 meters a second.
  • There are 10 parking floors in the tower, including 6 underground and 4 upper parking floors.

Residential floors

The tower was planned in the spirit of New York, meaning that all the elements both within and outside the apartment create an atmosphere of harmony and quality of life for the residents. The apartments have their own separate, ornate entrance lobby with a stunning Swarovski crystal chandelier.

There are 98 apartments of varying size on the 55th to 65th floors. The upper floors contain luxurious penthouse apartments with a giant balcony and a spectacular panoramic view.

Also in the tower:

  • Zeus — a sports, fitness, and health club including a magnificent modern fitness room, an exclusive spa, a treatment room, and a semi-Olympic pool.
  • A majestic synagogue.
  • The ground level contains fashionable restaurants and cafes, stores, a bank and more.
  • There is a helicopter landing strip on the tower roof.
  • A professional company manages and maintains the building at an extremely high level.