Weizmann Center — Tel Aviv

A complex of 3 buildings adjoining Tel Aviv’s Icholov Hospital, including a commercial center, an office and clinic tower, sheltered housing, a hotel and a maternity hotel, as well as a giant parking lot. (2002)

There are three buildings in the Center:

  • An 18-story business tower, including offices and clinics, the Vital business hotel, and the Baby Lis maternity hotel.
  • Palace Tel Aviv, incorporating 11 floors for nursing and caring sheltered housing to the highest standards. The building is designed in the style of a European palace and includes 231 luxury apartments with a library, events hall, cinema hall, swimming pool, restaurants and more – all the construction work, including the meticulous finish, was done by Aviv & Co. Ltd.
  • The complex includes underground parking with 2300 parking lots in 5 underground parking lots over a total floor space of 90,000 sq. meters (970,000 sq. feet).

The Commercial Center

The stores in the commercial area include the leading brand names in the fields of leisure, fashion, fast food, and health, including: the Go Active sports center with 1800 sq. meters (20,000 sq. feet) of floor space.

Baby Lis — Maternity Hotel

A maternity hotel, adjoining the Ichilov Hospital, where new mothers enjoy a luxurious stay at the standards of a magnificent, new, quality hotel. There is a choice of rooms in the hotel: a spacious private room, a mini-suite, or a luxury suite.

The Vital Hotel

A boutique hotel for business people from Israel and overseas. The hotel has 60 stylish rooms and suites, a business lounge, a modern fitness room, and an events and convention hall on the 12th floor. The hotel is situated in Tel Aviv’s business and cultural center.

The Office and Clinic Tower

An 18-story tower containing offices, clinics, and specialists’ clinics.

The Sourasky Center

The Sourasky Medical Center at Ichilov Hospital has 30,000 sq. meters (320,000 sq. feet) of floor space. The building incorporates operating theaters, a blood bank, a radiology institute, an entrance floor, and three floors of outpatient clinics. The company constructed the building, as well as the advanced electronic systems and the medical systems. As part of the project, Aviv built the nursing school including a 4,000 sq. meter (43,000 sq. feet) library hall and rising to 5 stories. The building also includes nurses’ housing, study rooms, and accompanying services.